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Earn 6.00% APY*

on your first $500 average daily balance in savings when you complete 5 monthly checking transactions.

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You can also start earning 4.00% APY on an Ent Extras Checking and owner rewards when you join. Learn more at Ent.com/EntExtras.

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IRA Savings3
  • Basic features
  • Tiered dividend rates
  • Make deposits at any time
  • Make withdrawals with no credit union penalty
Health Savings
  • Basic features
  • Tiered dividend rates
  • A free Visa® Debit Card
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Tax-free withdrawals for qualified medical expenses
To confirm your eligibility to open an HSA, check with your employer, health insurance provider or the U.S. Treasury's website.
Open your account at any service center or by contacting us at (719) 574-1100 or 800-525-9623.


Health Savings Account Tax-Free Withdrawals and Contribution Limits.

Visit Treasury.gov  for a list of qualified tax-free expenses and current contribution limits.

Account qualifications apply. Please review Ent’s Important Account Information and Fee Schedule for additional information.
1Per government regulation: A maximum of six (6) transfers or withdrawals can be made from your Savings or Money Market Savings account per calendar month. This includes checks, online banking transfers, ACHs, scheduled transfers and triggered overdraft transfers.
2Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Annual contribution limits apply. Penalties may apply for early withdrawal. Penalties could reduce your earnings. Please consult your tax adviser for additional information.

*APY – Annual Percentage Yield.

An Ent Extras Checking account will earn 3.93% (4.00% APY) and savings account 5.84% (6.00% APY) dividend rate on the first $500 average daily balance. Average daily balances over the $500 will earn the lower posted dividend rate. To earn the higher rates, a member must have an Ent Extras Savings and Checking account and five (5) monthly checking transactions.

Rates are valid through December 2020. Restrictions apply. Program may be changed at Ent’s sole discretion. Visit Ent.com/EntExtras or view the Ent Extras Additional Program Information document to learn more.