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Example 1
Estimated Yearly Dividends

Steve's a smart saver.

Steve is young but he's ahead of the game - he keeps a healthy balance in his Ent Extras Checking account, and a little extra cushion in savings.

  • Steve has a minimum of five (5) checking transactions (required)
  • Steve was automatically enrolled in Ent Extras Savings

A higher account balance earns even more!

Ent Extras Checking $1,500
Avg. Daily Balance Dividend Rate / APY* Dividend
$0 - $500 3.93% / 4.00% $19.65
$501 - $1,500 0.05% / 0.05% $0.50
Estimated Earnings $20.15
Ent Extras Savings $3,000
Avg. Daily Balance Dividend Rate / APY* Dividend
$0 - $500 5.84% / 6.00% $29.20
$501 - $3,000 0.10% / 0.10% $2.50
Estimated Earnings $31.70
Total Estimated Yearly Earnings
Example 2
Total Estimated Owner Rewards

Monica's making moves.

Monica's a modern mom, balancing the books while planning for her family's future. She's made a move to Ent and is cashing in with Ent Extras.
  • Monica has both Ent Extras Checking and Savings accounts (required)
  • Monica will receive owner rewards in January 2021

Earn up to $350 on savings + up to $350 on loans for up to $700 a year total!

Savings Balances
Avg. Balance Rewards Rate Rewards
Money Market $170,000 0.10% $170
Ent Extra Savings $6,000 0.10% $6
Estimated Yearly Rewards $176
Loan Balances
Avg. Balance Rewards Rate Rewards
Mortgage $300,000 0.10% $300
Auto $30,000 0.10% $30
Estimated Yearly Rewards $330
Total Estimated Yearly Rewards

Excludes checking and credit cards. Rewards are calculated on your monthly average daily balance throughout the year.

See how much your savings and loans could earn with Ent Extras.

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APY - Annual Percentage Yield

Rates are valid through December 2020. Restrictions apply. Program may be changed at Ent's sole discretion. Ent Extras Additional Program Information.